Series of visual notes for online panel discussions surrounding co-design and participatory research.

Client: McMaster CoPro 2022

The main illustration depicts two people, one holding a flashlight lighting up the page and the other with a map pointing forward. Inside the light are themes from the panel discussion as graphic illustrations. First is “Building Relationships” and a list: “Seeing the whole person, Creating safer and braver spaces, What does fair compensation look like? & Creating a shared vision for change”. Another theme is “Are you ready for co-design?, Who is at the table?” followed by “Examining yourself”. On the bottom are challenges: resources, initiation, and collaboration. To the right is a big starburst titled “Values, What does it mean? What actually leads to value creation?” and “disvalue=loss of trust”. Under it a 3-layered circle with “Exploring, Defining, Doing” and a thought bubble: “How to mitigate tragedies of co-design?”. Above it there are themes of “family carers & professional carers communicating together”, “co-creation & co-destruction”, & “the ‘dark side’ of co- design”.

July 13th CoPro online panel illustration depicting the main themes from the event. The title of the event is ‘Navigating Power, Building Relationships and Fostering Trust’. The main theme of the event is about noticing where power is in projects and redistributing it. Thus in the centre is the word POWER in big block letters with different hands taking and putting pieces back in. The talk began with a message from Creator’s Garden about ‘every plant having a gift to share with us’, above that is a drawing of sumac and sunflowers. One presenter noted that ‘you don’t have to disclose your trauma as a badge to say “I should be here”’ and that is illustrated as a badge. On top, a few post-it notes say that you should ‘be sure to give your participants the option to say no and the option to change their mind’. A hand hold different emojis and says ‘be sensitive to different emotions’. A megaphone says ‘make sure one voice isn’t dominating’. Below, we see various circles called comfort zone, learning zone, panic zone. A woman holds binoculars that read ‘notice’ and ‘acknowledge’. An illustration of ‘we’re all in the same boat’. People are dancing and it reads: ‘power is relational, and like a dance! Everyone is learning.’ To the right is a COMPASS diagram, outlining the acronym.