At Sid Lee, I helped to design the brand identity and digital communications for Sobeys new grocery delivery service, Voilà.

Client: Sobeys
Creative Directors: Laura Stein, Alex Boland
Motion Design:  Emma O’Neill

Prior to the service’s launch in June 2020, we were also tasked with designing the digital pieces of the brand from the website, email newsletters, to social ads.

At Studio Feather, I illustrated and animated scenes for the original Kim’s Convenience opening titles.

Motion Designers: Ian Flaig, Julian Van Mil
Sound: Eric Van Mil
Produced by: CBC

Wayward Arts Magazine features different design studios working with print craftsmen and a paper producer to produce a magazine of their dreams. Our issue’s theme was ‘How-To’. 

Designers:  Dominic Liu, Ariane Leblanc, Alex Boland, Linus Chui, Priya Mistry, Josephine Guan
Creative Director: Dominic Liu, Laura Stein
Producers:  Setareh Sarmadi, Sydney Price
Writer: Zachary Radford
Printer: Flash Reproductions

Our Wayward Arts issue at Sid Lee was comprised of 8 mini How-To books. Each How-To book was designed by a different designer on our team. Below are the spreads I worked on, ‘How to Become an Adult’ and ‘How to Roll a Joint’.

How to Become an Adult Illustration ︎︎︎
How to Roll a Joint ︎︎︎

Photography by Jeffrey Carlson. Cover Design by Dominic Liu.

Working with Hullmark Developments, we set up an interactive sculpture near Ossington & Queen called the Emotophone. This sculpture was reminiscent of playground speakerphones, and encouraged passerbys to play on it.

Designers:  Josephine Guan, Linus Chui
Creative Director: Laura Stein, Tom Koukodimos
Producer: Kelsey-Lynn Corradetti 
Writer: Zachary Radford
Vendors: MASSIVart, wondermakr

We set up plaques with select questions from Arthur Aron’s 36 Questions that Lead to Love, and participants (friends or strangers) can ask each other these questions through the tubes.

The installation was set up for Ossfest 2018 and stayed up until Nuit Blanche. During that time, interactions were anonymously posted on Twitter.

The Process

Situated in an office just down the street from Queen and Ossington, Sid Lee employees were the perfect users to start brainstorming with.

We asked our coworkers to imagine and sketch what they would love to see in the empty space. 

Scouting the installation location

The template we used for brainstorming

The element of ‘play’ and ‘discovery’ were common themes found in the brainstorm. The Ossington neighbourhood is also known for having a split population of older long-term residents and younger folks as Queen Street West was becoming a hub for jobs in culture and entertainment.

We wanted to create something playful that invited strangers to come together and experience a bit of joy on their walk around the neighbourhood.

Mapping the user journey

Timelapse of the installation

We created a brand identity for our agency softball team based off of puns. We created a bunch of swag and posters from all the silly jokes we came up with. 

Designers: Josephine Guan, Ryan Davis
Creative Director: Dominic Liu
Writer: Zachary Radford

Our team’s name: The Full Counts.
We sucked ︎︎