My brain is sometimes leaky – sometimes foggy. That means constantly negotiating how much I do in a day. I survived my way through grad school propped up by the central premise of Tricia Hersey’s The Nap Ministry: that rest is a tool for liberation and healing. I resist the urge to perform busyness and resist testing the limits of my body by napping. I ask for a collective slowing down so that I can keep up on things that matter.

The Window Box Gallery is a series of works presented by WIAProjects at Gallery 1313 featuring female artists living with disabilities. 

Assistance: Zachary Radford, Daniel Hackborn,
Pam Patterson & Leena Raudvee (WIAProjects), Philip Anderson (Gallery 1313)

A photo of a large-scale drawing mounted on foamcore so that it produces a shadow underneath. The drawing is a mixed-media piece of Josephine lying on a green couch with he head propped on patterned pillows. She is napping