Sobeys tasked us with designing the brand & identity of their new GTA grocery delivery service, Voilà.

Designers: Alex Boland,  Barry McLynn, Josephine Guan
Creative Director: Jeffrey Da Silva
Writer: Zachary Radford

Voilà is effortless and fun, and takes the work out of the grocery delivery process. All the customer needs to focus on is the delight of fresh food coming to their door. We made the fresh food the hero of the brand through beautiful food shots, with the ‘oval’ as a quirky container which the food pops out of.

A key thing I was responsible for on this project was ensuring the assets meet current accessibility standards (WCAG 2.0). This meant that colours & typography had to meet legibility standards on print & web. This was especially important, considering the demographic of grocery delivery service users may highly likely require this.